About Us

Our Identity:

Montreal Tamil Catholic Charismatic Renewal Prayer Group was established in 1994. Prayer Meetings have been held every Friday evenings at 7:30 p.m. at the Blue Room of St. Kevin’s Parish, situated on 5600 – Code-des-Neiges, Montreal. As a Tamil Catholic Charismatic Community, our Prayer Group is recognized and accepted by Rev. Jean – Claude Cardinal Turcotte, former Archbishop of Montreal.    

Our Vision:

Our vision is to bring faith and believe in Jesus Christ through the Word of God by the knowledge and wisdom provided by the Holy Spirit. We focus our attention on being a visible presence in our parish activities and community and also increasing our membership to achieve this vision.

Our visible presence in the parish activities and in the community:

Our main goal is to spread the Word of God through our activities. Mostly, we encourage others to read the scriptures from the Holy Bible and to mediate with the help of the Holy Spirit. Our visibility in the parish and in the community remains as our visits for praying with families for their special needs at their homes, praying with sickly and elderly at the hospitals.    We Organize prayer services for the deceased and provide consolation to the families. We have been continuing all of these tasks since our inception in 1994. Even though our members have their own family activities and have conflicting schedules, they still find time to participate with our prayer group activities.